Cal State Ready Demos

Over the span of two weeks, I got the chance to demo Cal State Ready, a custom Alexa skill for prospective students, across the state at the 2019 CSU Counselor Conferences. Cal State Ready is intended to be a virtual high school counselor’s assistant, providing info to students on how to prepare, apply, and pay […]

Resources – AI in Higher Education

For a panel on the use of AI to support student success, I’ve compiled a list of articles and links on the topic. Feel free to suggest additional resources that you think would be useful. Thanks to Samantha Adams Becker for her suggestions which contributed greatly. “Artificial Intelligence Exploration (AIx) at CSUN”: https://www.csun.edu/it/aix “Ask Tuffy”. […]

Badging Innovation

Since 2017, Cal State Innovate has awarded minigrants to members of the Cal State community to give them resources and recognition to encourage the exploration of new areas that have the potential to benefit our students. This innovation work has been led by staff and by faculty, and has included important contributions from students. With […]

A Return to Embodied Labs

When we last visited Embodied Labs, they had just moved from Chicago to a house in LA, they had just published their first VR title Alfred (simulating Alzheimer’s Disease and Macular Degeneration) and they had yet to prove that their concept of using VR to develop empathy in care givers would really work and find […]

Virtual Reality in real life

As part of my efforts to connect the CSU to promising innovations in Virtual Reality, I recently had the chance to visit the founder of Embodied Labs, Carrie Shaw. She and two of start-up team Ryan Lebar and Thomas Leahy have just relocated to Los Angeles from Chicago, living in a house on the west […]