Focus on Campus Innovation – Third Round of Innovation Minigrant Recipients

We’re excited to announce the awardees for the 2019-20 Innovation Minigrants. We were able to fund 11 highly-deserving projects from among more than 20 proposals, most of which were excellent. Congratulations to all the recipients!

Jeremy B Warner, CSU Bakersfield – Motion Capture for Digital Media
Peter Mosinskis, CSU Channel Islands – Multi-Campus Business Process Automation Proof-of-Concept
Roger Wen, Cal State East Bay – Learning Assessment AI/Bot for Online or Hybrid Instruction
Rudy J. Sanchez, Fresno State – Using Data Visualization to Transform Faculty-Student Interaction
Julianne Tolson / Khaoi Mady, Maritime Academy – Remote area community hotspot for education and learning – “Library-to-go”
Kyle Shaver, CSUN – CSUN Smart Map: Course Suggestion Tool
Michael Casadonte, Cal State San Bernardino – AURORA Smart Speaker Skill – Accessing Institutional Research (IR) Dashboards
Edgar Hodge, San Diego State – Technology Services to Support the use of Cloud Computing in the Classroom using the AWS Educate Framework.
James P. Frazee, San Diego State – 3D Photogrammetry Integration with Immersive Technology Evaluation
Susan Roe, San Francisco State – “In the Know” – The App that Links Students to their Department and their Major
Abraham Wolcott and Jennifer Redd, San  José State – Virtual Reality and Mentoring: Building and Transforming the Student Experience in Chemistry

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