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Create New Blog and News Posts

The CalState Innovate web site includes a blog. The last three blog items also appear on the main page. There is also an option to identify a post as “news” so that it appears as a banner one the main page.

To Create a Blog Post

  • Go to the POSTS section.
  • Click on the ADD NEW button.
  • This creates a new blank blog post. Add a title and whatever information you want to include in the post.
  • Make sure you add the post to the BLOG category (right side of the screen when you select DOCUMENT details) so it will show up properly.
  • You can save a draft of the page at any time. Once you are done click the PUBLISH button.
  • The new blog post will be added to the list of posts and also show up on the main page at the bottom.

To Create a News Item

  • Go through all the steps above, but instead of using the BLOG category, select NEWS.
  • A news item can also have a featured image that will show as the background of the news item on the main page. The featured image should by 1500 pixels x 261 pixels with a density of 72dpi.
  • To add a featured image:
    • On the right side select the DOCUMENT details.
    • Scroll down until you see the FEATURED IMAGE area.
    • Click on SET FEATURED IMAGE and then either select an existing image from the media gallery or add a new one using the UPLOAD MEDIA tab.
  • The main page automatically adds a black gradient to the image so that the text will show up, so you don’t need to add that.
  • Here’s an example:
Example header image.
  • Once a news item is no longer news you can either delete it or change the category from NEWS to BLOG.