Focus Areas

Redesigning the Student Experience

The California State University has committed to Graduation Initiative 2025, a set of specific goals for substantially improving outcomes for all students. Meeting this “moon shot” challenge will require removing barriers for students, redesigning our information systems to focus on the student, and making significant improvements in the CSU’s ability to collect and act upon student data. Find out more about the Redesigning the Student Experience focus.

Cloud Migration

Nearly all CSU campuses have already begun migrating services to off-premises hosts, both in the form of “cloud” services and in other modes. There is substantial expertise but a lack of knowledge sharing, inefficiencies, and sub-optimization. Find out more about the Cloud Migration focus.


New hardware and software systems such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), wearable technology, and small, networked devices (the so-called Internet of Things) create new opportunities and challenges for university campuses. Find out more about the Visual/Interface focus.

Collaboration at a Distance

With the students, faculty, and staff of CSU distributed across the State of California – and around the world – making good use of networked technologies to support the learning and work of CSU is essential. By improving the ability of CSU constituents to work at a distance more effectively, we can reduce costs as well as the environmental impact of CSU by reducing the need to travel. Find out more about the Collaboration at a Distance focus.