Innovation Grantee 2017 Badge

2017 CSU Innovation Grantee badge


The holder of this badge received a competitive Innovation Minigrant funded by the Innovation Office in the California State University Office of the Chancellor, Information Technology Services department (CalState Innovate). Minigrants were awarded based on the quality of the proposal and its alignment with the innovation priorities of CalState Innovate, as judged by a committee of IT practitioners and CSU faculty. The holder successfully completed the innovation project and disseminated the results, including participating in an “Innovation Lightning Webinar” presented by CalState Innovate and archived on YouTube.


  1. Received a CalState Innovate Minigrant
  2. Completed the proposed work in a timely manner
  3. Completed all reporting requirements for CalState Innovate
  4. Disseminated the results of their work


Orlando Leon, Fresno State University
Max Tsai, Fresno State University
Peter Young, San José State University
Srikanth Danapal, San Francisco State University
Julio Feliciano, San Francisco State University
Sophia Wenzel, San Francisco State University
Jennifer Redd, San José State University
Ben Quillian, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona*
Teresa Macklin, California State University San Marcos
Ranjit Philip, California State University Northridge
Willie Peng, California State University Fullerton
Mihaela Popescu, California State University San Bernardino