Robotic Telepresence

Robotic telepresence devices allow students at the CSU Stockton campus to be virtually present in Turlock classrooms. The robotic stands are movable by the students and offer live audio/video feed and interaction with fellow students and instructors. This idea was explored to benefit students in Stockton attending Turlock classes via telepresence. There are also accessibility benefits, as it helps disabled students attend class and helps meet the guidelines of the Section 508, the Accessible Technology Initiative, and EO 926. This project was seen as an innovative approach to student engagement.

This idea aligned with the Stanislaus State Strategic Plan:

Goal 3: Boldly pursue innovation and creativity.

Objective C: Improve investment in infrastructure, emphasizing the creation of physical and virtual spaces that optimize available contemporary tools and technology.

Objective E: Foster increased creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

More information on Double Robotics is available on their web site.

Principal Investigator

Tawn Gillihan, CSU Stanislaus

Grant Cycle

Spring 2018