Cal State Innovate was created in 2017 to support the CSU Information Technology’s key priority of transformation and innovation in its strategic plan. Situated within Information Technology Services in the California State University Chancellor’s Office, Cal State Innovate plays a vital role in supporting innovation efforts and connecting innovators across the CSU. Cal State Innovate enables the development and diffusion of new and effective strategies and technology to promote better student outcomes, improve the student experience, and create greater administrative efficiencies.


Cal State Innovate focuses in three areas: accelerating innovation at the campuses through funding programs and collaborative projects, fostering a culture of innovation through community activities, and exploring emerging technology areas. Coordinating work in these areas across campuses encourages good investments, and helps us find out what doesn’t work faster so we don’t waste excess time and effort.

Recent Blog Posts

Focus on Campus Innovation: Fourth Round of Innovation Minigrants

We usually issue a call for proposals for Innovation Minigrants in March. But this March brought with it a global pandemic, and an incredibly disruptive time for faculty, staff, and students. IT and academic technology teams across the CSU mobilized to move learning and business processes online. I wasn’t sure if this was going to…

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Adobe Grants – Using Creative Cloud to Foster Digital Literacies

We are excited to launch a new grant program in partnership with Adobe to support students’ digital literacies through multimedia assignments and projects in the classroom. We believe that students who can define appropriate contexts for digital tools, analyze applications of digital media, and use digital tools for presentation and creation are better prepared for…

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Exploring the Smart Campus

A common pain point I hear about on campus visits is parking. Higher education may aspire to lofty goals for civil society, but students are still frustrated when there’s not a parking spot. It’s a challenge that can be addressed with smart technologies, like the smart parking pilot at Cal State San Bernardino. Real time…

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