Cal State Innovate launched in 2017 to support the CSU Information Technology’s key priority of transformation and innovation in its strategic plan. Situated within Information Technology Services in the California State University Chancellor’s Office, Cal State Innovate plays a vital role in supporting innovation efforts and connecting innovators across the CSU.

Cal State Innovate supports three focus areas:

  • Accelerating innovation at the campuses through funding programs and collaborative projects. Campuses are home to innovative projects and initiatives, and Cal State Innovate seeks to accelerate those efforts by providing funding opportunities and connecting collaborators across campuses to learn and build upon efforts underway across the university.
  • Fostering a culture of innovation through community building, webinars and events. Cal State Innovate offers programming and events that bring the Cal State innovation community together to foster serendipitous connection and creativity.
  • Exploring emerging technology areas to develop communities of practice and to stay on top of trends. Cal State Innovate sponsors collaborative projects and convenes interested stakeholders to explore emerging technologies that could affect IT services and the student experience.

Coordinating work in these areas across campuses, and finding strategies to support “deep dive” pilots with communications to the entire system can help accelerate the speed of innovation, encourage good investments, and help us find out what doesn’t work faster so we don’t waste excess time and effort. Cal State Innovate enables the development and diffusion of new and effective strategies and technology to promote better student outcomes, improve the student experience, and create greater administrative efficiencies.