Diving Deeper into the Story… Much Deeper Than Just 360 Degrees

This open source project allowed multi-path 360/AR stories to be captured and then to culled for story development and collaboration with other 360/AR stories around the world. It demonstrated the ability of a viewer to explore related material inside the main 360/AR story via embedded hotspots (e.g., 2015 Nepal earthquake story – allowing the viewer to then look at the 1989 SF earthquake in comparison). The intent was to allow people to embed a story anywhere in a platform agnostic way and view it everywhere with or without special viewing glasses. Components included:

  • prototype & transition development – allowing the author to shape the story but allowing a viewer to “watch” the story non-linearly
  • Internal story collaboration allowing others to comment using comment hotspots, add value at points inside the story as opposed to adding comments at the end of the story
  • develop real-time story analytics to statistically understand the “stickiness” of the story
  • creation of a dynamic “process and procedure handbook” guiding the author through the tasks of branched storytelling, triggers within the story that generate actions, popups at key points that create a sort of “sidebar set of information collections”, and embedding visual and/or audio assets that add value

This project allowed the addition of material through hotspots – giving several pathways to the conclusion of the story (e.g., add the political and/or religious backdrop found in Nepal, the industrial and/or agricultural status of Nepal before the earthquake).

Principal Investigator

Peter F. Young, San José State University

Grant Cycle

Spring 2017