Publications & Presentations


  • Research Computing in the Cloud: Leveling the Playing Field – Advances in cloud computing allow almost unlimited access to high-end computing resources for researchers at every type of institution, creating a more level playing field for experimentation than has ever existed before.
  • New Life for Legacy Systems – Replacing a legacy student information system is complex and expensive. The strategies described here offer the potential to eliminate many of the weaknesses of the legacy SIS at a fraction of the cost of system replacement.


  • Innovate from Where You Are: Supporting, Celebrating, and Connecting Innovators – Three years ago California State University determined that constant demand for operations, services, and projects was driving out innovation. By creating a small central program to support, celebrate, and connect innovators, CSU improved its culture of innovation. Join us to explore strategies that can help any institution be more innovative.
  • Exploring Alternative Learning Design Approaches – Many learning design units are experiencing an increase in demand, as more institutions explore strategic opportunities in online learning and as faculty experiment with more technology-enhanced teaching and learning in multiple delivery modes.
  • Long May You Run: Keeping That Old Enterprise System On the Road It’s hard to find anyone who really likes their old enterprise system. Most universities have some mix of student information, financial, and human resource systems that were designed in the 1990’s, installed in the 2000’s, and seeming obsolete today. Some institutions have invested in moving to new modern systems, but this migration is a highly costly and disruptive step.