Supporting Faculty Exploration of Virtual and Augmented Reality

As faculty look for new ways to create meaningful learning experiences in the classroom, an increase in the number of faculty contacting the eCampus department at San José State and expressing interest in virtual reality/augmented reality had grown. Two areas directly connected with this project: redesigning learning spaces to allow for mixed reality learning experiences and natural user interfaces to allow for interaction with devices to manipulate content. With blended learning expanding (e.g., courses combining in-person and online components), the selection of technology needed to be purposeful and meaningful. This project provided faculty from a range of disciplines/colleges support in the adoption and implementation of virtual and augmented reality into their curriculum for a Fall 2017 course.

Earlier a San José State faculty member funded through an internal eCampus Grant developed a VR project that focused on incorporating virtual reality into science education. The project was shared at a showcase event, generating additional interest in this topic. Building upon the momentum of the pilot project, this new project supported faculty members in the following ways:

  • Provided support for exploring applications relevant to the instructor’s content area
  • Provided support in designing virtual/augmented reality lesson plans
  • Coordinated demonstrations/meetings with developers
  • Provided training on the equipment and capabilities
  • Provided instructional design guidance
  • Located and shared relevant research
  • Observed/provided support for a minimum of one lesson
  • Shared project materials and submit deliverables

Principal Investigator

Jennifer Redd, San José State University

Grant Cycle

Spring 2017