Titanium Engagement

TITANium was a Cal State Fullerton campus branded Moodle Learning Management System (LMS). Titanium Engagement was a customized dashboard that ingested data from Moodle to provide activities data visibility to faculty and students. The dashboard showed student overall participation standing compared to the rest of their peers for each enrolled course. The analyzed results were summarized using a color-coded “Titanium Engagement Indicator” and displayed on a weekly basis as well as cumulatively for the duration of the course. Color-coding method was based on standard deviation formula, omitting the outliers.

Titanium Engagement dashboard provided customized view for faculty and students. Faculty could select the course they taught to display all students’ participation indicators. This provided a “single pane of glass” to quickly identify students who may have needed early advising. Students could visually view their participation standing and engage faculty for early support. At the conclusion of the project, Titanium Engagement was made available to campus advisors as an advising tool to provide individualized feedback.

Titanium Engagement was a tool that will help Cal State Fullerton increase student retention rate and support the Graduation Initiative 2025.

Principal Investigator

Amir Dabirian, Cal State Fullerton

Grant Cycle

Spring 2017