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Focus on Campus Innovation – Fifth Round of Innovation Minigrants

We were delighted to announce the innovation minigrant winners for the 2021-22 academic year at the Cal State Tech Conference this year. We were able to continue to support innovation projects on campuses due to the generous support of our sponsors. Over the past few rounds of proposals, we’re seeing both explorations in AR/VR/XR and enhancing classroom technology, which aligns to directions we anticipate seeing in digital learning moving forward. Congratulations to the winners!

James Frazee & Sean Hauze, San Diego – Empathy Lens
Carlos Miranda, Channel Islands – Virtual Spaces for Job Interviews and Career Development
Mihaela Popescu, Fadi Muheidat, James Trotter, Yutong Liu; San Bernardino – Better learning with “smart” VR avatars
Michael Le, Humboldt – Enterprise Data Transformation Through DataOps
Leigh Jin & Weimin Zhange, San Francisco – Bring the Ancient Instruments back to Life through an Augmented Reality App
Max J. Tsai, Fresno – Virtual Learning Genie: A Smart Avatar in XR
Teshia Young Roby, Pomona – HackHER Gals Cybersecurity Outreach Initiative

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