Create New Webinar

After each webinar, a new page is created so people can view the archive of the webinar. To create a new webinar page:

  • Go to the PAGES section.
  • Near the top of the window location the drop down box that says CATEGORIES and select Webinars from the list.
  • Click the FILTER button.
  • One the filtered set of pages load, find the one named AAA Webinar Template and hover over it.
  • A set of options will appear below the name the page. Select the NEW DRAFT option.
  • This makes a copy of the page you selected that you can edit as needed. Once the new page loads, update the title and description, and then add the URL for the webinar archive.
  • You can save a draft of the page at any time. Once you are done click the PUBLISH button.
  • The new webinar will be added to the list of webinars and other related menus.
  • Once a webinar archive has been added, you should edit the About Our Webinars page and remove the past webinar so that the next upcoming webinar is at the top of that page.