General Editing

There are a number of “general” pages on the web site that don’t require any special instructions. If you don’t see a page mentioned in any of the sections of this documentation you can assume it’s a “general” page. The CalState Innovate web site is using the newer WordPress Gutenberg editor to make it easier to do advanced page layout. If you aren’t familiar with the Gutenberg editor, you might want to check out this Gutenberg for Beginner’s Tutorial (there’s a video on that page as well in case you don’t want to read a long article).

One other general note. You can add a background image to the CalState Innovate home page (to replace the red background behind the text). The image should be 1500 x 326 with a density of 72dpi. The page will add a black gradient to the image so that the text is readable, so you don’t need to add that. Here’s an example:

example header image

To add a image to the header background:

  • Go to the PAGES section and edit the HOME page.
  • Click on the top of the red area with the Cal State Innovate white text. If you selected the correct block you should see something like the below on the right side:
  • Scroll down until you see a section labeled BACKGROUND. Click the little arrow to the right of the title to drop down the details for that section.
  • Click on the SELECT IMAGE button and then either add a new image or select an existing one.
  • Save the changes to the page by clicking the UPDATE button.